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Eleutherios' Journal

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  2004.09.18  02.57
Greetings from the here and now.

It appears people actually come to this journal now and then...expecting some form of...I don't know, journaling I suppose. Imagine that.
Well... My name is Nick. And I do keep a more frequently updated journal else where. But for some odd reason more people in my physical world know of this site so I have tended to write in the other one rather than here because I find the anonymity more freeing. The darkest depths of me that I might express here most of my friends already know about...that I am one kinky freak. So on with the show, I suppose. Though as much as I work don't expect to much updating, plus I will still be using this journal primarily for the livejournal communities.

I haven't really had much time to think about my BDSM side lately. It's not a part of me that will ever go away but it certainly has been pushed to the side and work put in it's place. Rightly so I guess. But perhaps I am mentally too focused on work. I'm never usually a one track mind sort of guy. Yet when it comes to work, it always comes first. I do feel that it's justified but my girl is very obviously feeling attention withdrawal. I've been trying to find a balance but it's a bit exhausting. I do miss it, quite a bit really. It's not as if it's been pushed out of my mind. It's most certainly there, it has simply taken a lower priority. Every time I get my pay check I think of what kind of fun toys I could spend it on. I often wake up with quite the fun dirty thoughts in my head of what I could do with my girl. Then I begin to get ready for work, then I come home and I'm too tired to do much of anything physically or mentally.
I suppose it seems I'm a little whiny. But honestly this is the first time I've really out right spoken of it.
And now I'm a bit sick of thinking about it. I suppose it's temporary anyway. We're still settling down into this new form of co-habitation. We've only been living together for about two months and I haven't even been with this particular job that long. So perhaps it will begin to smooth out on it's own a bit.
All for now.